Village Hill Multiple Lots


Three Lots at Village Hill, Northampton, MA

  1. Northwest Corner - (parcel ID 38A-152-001)
  2. Southeast Corner of Route 66 & L33 Harris Driveway - (parcel ID 38A-125-001)
  3. Earle Street Lot 12B - (parcel ID 38A-114-001)

Proposed Use / Reuse

  1. Northwest Corner; Commercial/Retail
  2. Southeast Corner of Route 66 & L3 Harris Driveway; Commercial/Retail
  3. Earle Street Lot 12B; Industrial

Current Status


Parcel Acreage

  1.  0.77 Acres
  2. 0.64 Acres
  3. 2.93 Acres

Zoning District

Planned Village (PV)


MassDevelopment, 99 High Street., Boston, MA


  1. Undeveloped, 43D Priority Development Site, PWED for road construction, Village Hill Rd pedestrian facilities, bike share station.
  2. Infrastructure, including road access utilities,site cleared and lot created for development, 43D Priority Development Site.
  3. Shared driveway access built, PWED, Earle Street upgrades with bicycle and pedestrian access,, 43D Priority Development Site.